Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! If you’re new to Going Deeper & Coming Up Higher Online Bible Studies, here are some things you should know.

How do I subscribe to the Bible study?

  • Look in the top right of this blog page, and you’ll see a button that says “Follow this blog”. Click on it and enter your email address This allows us to send you posts by email. We protect your email address and do not sell or spam with information.

Why don’t I get the weekly updates for my bible study?

  • You did not subscribe to the website by email (see above) or you did not click the confirmation email to verify your email address. Check your spam folder. If you are using gmail or yahoo, you need to login to the mail via the web and check your spam folder.
  • You’ll get an email update with every post. One post for every day’s lesson.

When do I start reading my study book?

  • On the day the study begins, you will start reading week one in the book. We post our study announcement 1-2 weeks before the study begins in order to allow time for all the women to receive their workbooks and then we start reading as a group on the day the study begins.

What day and time do we meet?

  • We meet on Sunday evenings from 9-10pm in our private Facebook group setting but our Facebook community page this blog is open for all and has no set time/day.
  • If you are not participating via the Facebook community page or the private group, you can post a comment on the blog post each week to answer the discussion questions.

How does the online discussion work?

  • Similar to a church small group, we’ll ask questions about the current lesson. Please post a comment and answer or ask another question. We’ll also accept any prayer requests and support you in your study. We learn from one another, so every question and comment is helpful.
  • Access to Facebook is optional for the study, though highly recommended. You can find our “Going Deeper Coming Up Higher community page, click “like” and “get notifications” to stay updated with our posts/statuses in your newsfeed. This page is open to the public and everyone is able to see and post on it.
  • We also use “private groups” feature on Facebook. This format is for our more private and small group discussions. You must request to join this group in order to see the comments in the group. Only the members of the group are able to see and post comments on this page. This helps to ensure a safe and confidential environment for all.

I can’t afford the book, do you have scholarships?

  • Unfortunately we cannot provide free workbooks nor do we have scholarships available. We are a 100% volunteer ministry and everyone is responsible to purchase their own copy. However, you may want to ask your local church for a donation to cover your workbook, or see if the book is available at your library.
  • Most workbooks are about $15-$20 USD and are available from and most book distributor such as Christian and
  • Amazon also has many used workbooks on sale ranging anywhere from $3-15 plus s&h.

What church are you affiliated with?

  • Pastor Michelle Soto is a licensed evangelical minister registered with the New York State Clerk’s Office and Fierce Woman Found Ministries, Inc. is a not-for-profit faith based organization incorporated under New York State corporate law.

What Bible do you use for online study?

  • Most of the Bible study authors use the older NIV bible or NKJV and many authors use numerous translations such as ESV, NLT, Message, Amplified, HCSB, etc…  Since we are non-denominational we do not require a specific Bible translation and we do NOT argue over which Bible translation is correct. We recommend using the Bible format your pastor or priest recommends and ask you to respect the Bible translations the other women are using in their denominations. If you want to translate the Bible to complete your workbook study or gain further understanding, we suggest using, or a similar site.

What happens if I start late or take a week vacation and fall behind?

  • No worries. The online bible study format allows you not to miss anything, because the discussions are ongoing and never removed. So you can join anytime and catch up, or fall behind without guilt.

Where can I find the audio/video segments for the study?

  • Not all authors have audio or video segments for their Bible studies. For those studies that do have video/audio segments (such as Beth Moore), they are available for your own personal use/purchase on
    Although these are highly recommended, they are optional to our study due to the cost. Because of copyright laws, and our respect for the authors, we do not provide these at Going Deeper/Coming Up Higher to the general public or on or community page and are available only to those who participate through our private small group and only for the duration of the study.

Personal Safety and Spamming

  • For your personal safety, we do not recommend giving out your phone number, home address or any other personal information to the women you meet in online study. We’ve made numerous efforts to keep spammers out of the Bible study small groups, however someone may seek to earn your trust and then sell you a product or service.

Use of Fierce Woman Found Ministries, Inc.™ and Going Deeper/Coming Up Higher Name

  • The Fierce Woman Found Ministries, Inc.™ name has been in use since 2008 and is officialy incorporated under NYS Corporate Law since 2011. Our name is our trademark and is associated only with the ministry of Pastor Michelle and Kristen Soto at

The use of the name Fierce Woman Found Ministries, Inc ™ or Going Deeper & Coming Up Higher™ or any variation of the name with any other Twitter, Yahoo, Pinetrest, Instagram, Facebook group or page is strictly prohibited.
In addition, we ask that you respect our community graphics, pictures and posts by sharing our pictures, comments or posts to include our information rather than downloading and posting as your own.

If you have any other questions about online Bible study, please feel free to contact Pastor Michelle Soto at

Welcome and Get ready for a Journey of Transformation!


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