Thirst Quencher!

“For I satisfy the thirsty person and feed all those who are weak.”
~ Jeremiah 31:25
Ever noticed how no other ‘drink’ quenches your thirst like ice, cold, refreshing water? Well, just as Jesus told the woman at the well that HE was the only ‘drink’ that would satisfy, He tells us today, that no one and nothing else will quench our thirst. May you drink of Him this morning and be ‘filled’ ~ ms, 

“Can you think of anything you’ve worked hard to attain that ultimately failed to bring you the satisfaction you expected? We can easily be led into captivity by seeking other answers to needs and desires that only God can meet. Perhaps we each have experienced an empty place deep inside that we tried our best to ignore or to fill with something other than God.

A crucial part of ‘fleshing out’ our liberation in Christ means allowing Him to fill the empty places in our lives. Satisfaction in Christ can be a reality. He can make us feel complete. I’m not talking about a life full of activity…I’m talking about a soul full of Christ!” – Beth Moore, Breaking Free

Never Forsaken

As we begin our weekend, let’s give thanks for the “Bondage Breaker” who came to set the captives free! ~ ms, 

“The LORD will not forsake His people or abandon His Heritage.”
~ Psalm 94:14

Anything passed down to us through our family heritage that inhibits the full expression of freedom we should have in Christ qualifies has bondage. These yokes can be caused by severed relationships, lives left in ruins because of a loss or tragedy, or ancient family arguments and inheritances of hate. We need to examine areas of devastation or defeat that have been in our family lines for generations. 

But be assured that the cross of Calvary can set you free from EVERY yoke. His Word can make liberty a practical reality, no matter what those who came before you left as an ‘inheritance’.

….Got Warfare??

…Got ‘warfare’?
If you’re pressing in to walk with the Lord, know that the ‘dark’ will always press back. No matter what, Don’t forget in the dark what HE has promised you in the light. Trust in the Lord. HE is our Trouble-Shooter! ~ ms, 

darktolight“Who among you walks in darkness, and has no light?
Let him trust in the name of the Lord; let him lean on his God.”
~ Isaiah 50:10

We cannot escape the warfare of the Christian life. Satan doesn’t take time off for good behavior. Every day can bring trouble, but every day we have a blessed Trouble-shooter.

Satan seeks to disgrace us, accuse us, and condemn us. We must daily set our faces like flint on the face of Christ and follow Him step by step to victory. Yes, you and I will still veer periodically from the path, no matter how obediently we want to walk. We are pilgrims with feet of clay. But no matter how long the detour has been, the return is only a shortcut away, because His light will always lead us right back to the path.

No Yoke too Great

As I read this devotional, I feel as if I could’ve written it myself. Take heart today knowing that no matter WHAT the yoke, CHRIST has come to break it! ~ ms, 

“…He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives.” Isaiah 61:1


When I think of bondage, I most often imagine yokes that come from some area of childhood trauma or victimization, because the yoke formed in my childhood has been the primary area of captivity I’ve had to combat. Most of us unknowingly limit our perceptions of captivity to those bonds we’ve personally experienced.

But Christ came to set the captive free “no matter WHAT kind of yoke” binds them. He came to bind up the brokenhearted no matter WHAT broke their heart. He came to open the eyes of the blind no matter WHAT veiled their vision. ~ Beth Moore, Breaking Free


“Look, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; your walls are continually before Me.” ~ Isaiah 49:16I once heard a Christian child psychologist discuss the necessity of some conflict and power struggle with teenagers. He explained that a certain amount of difficulty must naturally arise as children become young adults, or parents would never be able to ‘help them’ out of the nest and on to independence. He said, “If the bond we had with them as infants did not change, we would never be able to let them go.”

All our lives, however, God retains the strong feelings toward us that infants evoke in their parents, because He never has to let us go! He’s not rearing us to ‘leave home’, but to “come home”!

Excerpt from: Breaking Free day to day



Do you ever feel like you don’t ‘measure’ up?
Feel you’re not ‘strong’ enough or ‘spiritual’ enough to try?
Well, have I got great news for you!

God is more concerned with your ‘availability’ than your ‘ability’.
If you make yourself available, HE will make you ‘able’. The question is…are you willing? Join with me as we make Beth’s prayer our prayer and ask HIM for an undivided heart willing to change and be made new! ~ ms, 

“God is not looking for spiritual giants. He is looking for believers who believe for a change.” ~ Beth Moore


Teach me Your way, O Lord, and I will walk in Your truth. Give me an undivided heart, that I may fear Your Name
(Psalm 86:11).

Do not allow anything to snatch the Word of Truth from my mouth, Lord, for I have put my hope in Your laws (psalm 119:43).

Glorious God, in Your majesty ride forth victoriously in behalf of Truth, Humilty, and Righteousness. Let Your right had display awesome deeds (Psalm 45:4).  I don’t need to be afraid of truth. It is the key You will use to take me forth to victory.

You are near to all who call on You, Lord, to all who call on You in truth (psalm 145:18).

In Jesus’ Matchless Name we pray…Amen 

Preparers of the Way

How to become a “Preparer of the Way”….
Enjoy one of the wonderful nuggets of truth and encouragement for our upcoming study ~ ms, 

Beginning March 2nd, Fierce Woman Found Ministries created an extension of their women’s ministry called “Going Deeper & Coming Up Higher.  It’s our new Online Bible Study Gathering Place.  And to kick off this new endeavor, we’re starting it with a power-packed study from our beautiful Beth Moore…”Breaking Free”.
This blog was created as a public version of our private online study group.  This is for all of you who would love to follow along, read, learn, share and grow but cannot commit to the study group at this time.  We love that you’ve come and pray you’ll continue to come and visit.  Please feel free to connect below with your comments, input and insights.  We know we’ll be blessed by what the Lord teaches you! Enjoy and talk to you soon! ~ ms

“Build it up, build it up, prepare the way, remove every obstacle from My people’s way.” ~ Isaiah 57:14


In Isaiah’s day, villages prepared weeks in advance for a visit by their king. Workmen cleared a path and built a road to provide the easiest access for the king’s entourage. If the king did not find the path adequately prepared, he would bypass the village and withhold his blessing.

We need to accomplish this task. Yes, we face obstacles that need to be removed, but we have the approval and blessing of the matchless King in our favor. We don’t have to wonder if He’s willing and able to deliver us from the bonds that are withholding abundant life. The question is whether or not we’re ready to cooperate and prepare the way for our Liberator!

{Excerpt from Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” Daily Devotional}