Proverbs 14: A ‘safety net’ for our kids

30 Days of Diamonds & Pearls
Readings for Day 14:
Proverbs 14; Psalms 14, 44, 74, 104, 134

In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence
and his children have a refuge. Proverbs 14:26


Sometimes we think we have nothing to offer our children. We look around and we see others with so much and we feel as if we fall short of our parental goal. But there is an inheritance that beats all costs and 401k’s…the fear of the Lord.

Scripture says that our children have refuge when we fear the Lord.
Something that money simply can not buy.

Prayer Pearl:
“Lord, when I look at my possessions, there is a temptation to feel like a failure. There is nothing that I possess materially that I can leave my children. Oh but let me always remember that if I dare to relinquish control of my life to You and obey Your Word, I am storing up mercies for my children….and that is priceless.  No better inheritance could I leave.”


Today’s Diamonds from the Psalms:
1. God is looking for some ‘wise’ people. 
Psalm 14: The Lord looks down from heaven on the human race
to see if there is one who is wise, one who seeks God.”

2. Be careful not to rely more on your gifts and your weapons than you rely on your God!
Psalm 44:6 For I do not trust in my bow, and my sword does not bring me victory.”

3. When it seems like the enemy is overtaking, remember God’s mighty deeds.
Psalm 74:12 God my King is from ancient times,
performing saving acts on the earth.”

4. What God establishes can never be shaken!
Psalm 104:5 He established the earth on its foundations;
it will never be shaken.”

5. Those who take the ‘night watch’ praise the Lord
Psalm 134:1 Now praise the Lordall you servants of the Lord who stand in the Lord’s house at night!”